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  • Look at the illustration with a magnetic field.The diameter of the coil is basically the possible depth.Power is also a factor.Wet ground vs. dry is also important factors and also the type of dirt.I had a british friend that thought he had struck big luck when he started to check his premises, metall everywhere!But he soon found out that his surrondings had been in the center of an airdefense line on the british coast during WWII, the whole are where full of shrapnels from the antiair guns.On an ordinary beach you will find x thousands of crowncorks for every coin...............

    47 ohms

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  • Yes the banks reimburse it but you have to prove how it happened, which can be problematic.So problematic that people often accept the loss if they only can stop futrther losses.Personally i have never more than about 2000:- SEK on my card, i can take that, should i be robbed. If i need more money i call the banks automatic customer service to transfer money from another account to the card.

    Good idea that, about punching a hole to disable the antenna !I will do it in 10 minutes after writing this.Thank you for the idea !But as you said in the end we will all loose against the banks.

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  • ERICOSCAR commented on DriaAtDio's instructable Oxidize Wood Stain

    OK I have read the text once again. It is not tea OR vinegarsolution. It is tea AND solution.So tea and coffe is in most cases unnecessary.Wille B.

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  • ERICOSCAR commented on MichaelsTestKitchen's instructable Beer Bread

    You say that the owen should be set to 375 degrees celsius !!??And then you baked it for 45 minutesSomething is wrong here, was it not 175 degrees ?Wille B. Sweden

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  • I visited the sites mentioned in the text but nowhere where the plastic parts to be found !The only option seems to be at printing them yourself.Which i can´t, i don´t have access to a 450 Euro printer, and can´t afford to buy one.Is there some place where ALL the parts can be bought ?Wille BStockholm

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  • Dear authorExcellent craftmanship ! You should bring this to the annual medieval week on island of Gotland in Sweden.But one thing makes me a little suprised.On the handle you have carved in a christian symbol, crossing lines with a P.Viking-age was a little before christianity had reached viking-land, when the German emperor provided the missionary Ansgar to christen the north, mainly the present Sweden, he immediatly came in to trouble with the viking pageants.That would place your sword more in to medieval days when chrianity had a strong foot here.Anyway a very nice piece of craftmanship !

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  • ERICOSCAR commented on nicengineering's instructable Low Budget CNC

    Stupid me..........Have i missed something, is there any drawings that shows the MDF-parts and that have measurements and places for holes etc. marked.What kind of drill is used as the actual machine for milling ?Programming, is that out of the scope of this article ?Wille B.

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