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  • EdM42 commented on gravityisweak's instructable Instant Bug Bite Relief24 days ago
    Instant Bug Bite Relief

    I find that a capsaicin arthritis creme will deaden the itch as well as real heat. It takes a minute to get started but it lasts longer.

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  • DIY Inexpensive Deck Rails Out of Steel Conduit!

    Yes, many codes require being able to pass the "4 inch ball" test. However some locations also ban horizontal bars. Anything climbable is no good.Otherwize, I like it. We chose a more expensive design. We bought a typical vinyl railing kit and replaced the most of the vertical strakes with horizontal stainless steel bars. Usually SS bars would be way too expensive but we lucked into a cheap source. If we had thought of conduit, we would have gone thsat way.

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  • Electromagnetic Fidget Spinner Accelerator

    Ok, fuzzy and off topic, but while a moving frame of reference does not change the physics, it does change the math needed to represent the physics. It also changes the apparent motion you think you see if you are inside the moving frame of reference.Coriolis force/effect is an explanation for why something does not move in apparently straight lines inside your moving frame of reference.Centrifugal force is not fictitious, it is merely a description of apparent forces inside a moving frame of reference. (and besides, nobody can define the non-moving center of the universe, so all frames of reference are moving - you just pick one that makes your math easiest)

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