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  • How to use iOS devices as a monitor of Raspberry Pi

    VNC is so east to use. I've been building a mobile SDR based radio scanner with my RPi 3 and I use an iPad running VNC Viewer to control the Pi. Ultimately I'll put a touch screen display on the Pi but the Ipad with VNV Viewer works very well for now.

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  • Esque commented on The Milk Maid's instructable Basic Steps of How to Make Cheese2 years ago
    Basic Steps of How to Make Cheese

    My partner is lactose intolerant and we discovered that if you get the most aged cheddar (Possibly other hard cheeses as well, but we never tested that) that has preferably been made with unpasteurised milk, there's so little lactose left in it that it doesn't cause problems. This at least will give you an option to buy some cheese. I would recommend trying small amounts first though

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