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  • Familytreeclimber commented on Joshblake's instructable Spray Foam Coral 22 years ago
    Spray Foam Coral 2

    One suggestion and one question... try using wax paper instead of newspaper and it should be easier to peel the coral from the paper. Was there any foam left after spraying this piece of foam? Would I be able to make more than one piece of coral from one can? If so, how many pieces would I probably be able to make? I'm making decorations for a Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet and want to make some of this coral. Need an idea of how many cans I should purchase to make at least four pieces of this type of coral.

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  • Scout Project: How to build a Trebuchet

    Any chance this could be built using the knots Cub Scouts are required to learn?? I'm looking for a fun activity to use for our boys to practice making their knots, especially my wolves and webelos. Not sure what knots my webelos need to work on, but my wolves need to learn the square knot.

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