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  • Magnetic Knife Rack Built Using Hard Drive Magnets (without Power Tools)

    Hi from the future...I don't like using a knife rack with the blades downwards because I have a (possibly irrational) fear that knives will fall and stab me.It isn't actually all that irrational because I've used more than one commercial magnetic knife rack which were barely strong enough to hold the knives. I'm thinking of the type with two narrow linear magnets. If the blade isn't already stuck to both rails when you let go -- if it's slightly out of the plane -- the momentum as it swings down to flat can actually lever it off the rail.Also, if the rack itself is poorly mounted, you could knock it down.Either way there's no guarantee the knife(s) would fall in the same orientation; but, again irrationally, it feels more dangerous in the point-down orientation.

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