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Hey! I'm Flo, and I'm keen on Electronics!


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  • Floje commented on Floje's instructable DIY FM Radio8 months ago
    DIY FM Radio

    I currently do not have the time to be making other radios that wouldn't improve the one I've made (the original post). My original posting was about going old school with a simple pure IC configuration, without coding of any sorts. I'd recommend doing a similar thing as I did (as it's good for beginners, like it was for me), but greatscott's video is very detailed as well if you'd step into such a challenge.I'd just warn you though, it won't be easy. Making my radio wasn't a walk in the park, and needed quite some patience.Good luck!

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  • Floje commented on Floje's instructable DIY FM Radio8 months ago
    DIY FM Radio

    This was the one I used:

    There are many chip holders available in different sizes, just make sure to have a 18 and a 8 pin version. I have a kit for 6 pins, 8 pins, and so on.

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  • Floje commented on Floje's instructable DIY FM Radio1 year ago
    DIY FM Radio

    Hey sorry that I didn't reply very quickly. I bought mine at Conrad (a German store), I used the "Dreh-Potentiometer Mono 22k Ohms". There are various qualities and ones that are out of plastic vs metal, I simply got the cheapest. Do not worry as they are all standardized. Here is the link: wish you luck on your radio!

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  • Floje commented on Floje's instructable FM Radio2 years ago
    FM Radio

    I've thought of doing a programmable chip before, but I wanted to go a little more old school and basic. I sure might create another radio with a TEA5767, or a raspberrypi internet radio. Thankfully for your insight!

    Yeah, I've have to edit that. I just had to turn in a report 30 minutes ago. 6000 words total.. I'll post it tomorrow :) Maybe someone can even understand what language it is!

    Sure! I just had to turn in a report of 6000 words that goes along with this! I'll see if I can edit and upload a video by tomorrow on the performance. It's reached radio channels of which I don't even understand, perhaps French or Flemish. Someone might know what it might be!

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