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  • FranckL3 commented on mikey77's instructable Make Conductive Glue and Glue a Circuit3 years ago
    Make Conductive Glue and Glue a Circuit

    We wanted to use it as an interactive spider web to trigger the Theremin. It was to toxic. But the idea is awesome. For a small amount of adhesive compound at the time; scrap aluminum or other soft metal on a disk of a grinder, can give you a very fine metallic powder for our compound. But fine tread is the way to go. good call.

    Cleaver, Also a easy way to colour code the connections in one operation. Good call.F.If it's true that soldering is probably the best option, It is also like the learning curve of driving a Motorcycle. If you live on a boat 10 months per year, you might considering other option in what to use for your end. We want to connect a Strip of 4 flat cable to a USB [B] type male connector at 90 * angle to protect the Vintage Electronic Board, or any others.A none extrusive HDMI adapter would be awesome.

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