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  • FrankC19 commented on crispyjones's instructable Build A Net Gun3 years ago
    Build A Net Gun

    We build lots of launchers for paintball, airsoft and MilSim, and are not allowed to use any with PVC air chambers, or those green orbit valves, anymore (just changed the rules on valves this year)- the had some of those shatter too. Probably was dropped, but they were quick to ban them.We use CO2, argon, or oxygen tanks, they can had pretty cheap, are indestructable and rated for over 3,000+ psi burst. They need drilled and tapped, but it's all metal and really safe. With a carbon fiber valve, we can go to 150-175 PSI. Double the range and still be safe. Most compressors only go to around 110 PSI anyhow.We also have push button, and other parts.

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