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  • An excellent project and a clever idea. The only problem I can see is you are locking it to one wifi server and it's password. Therefore a person would need to be a computer operator and have access to the source code to change that.What I mean is this clock wouldn't be too great a gift for somebody."What's your wifi SSID and password? Don't ask questions around Christmas; just tell me".It's very cool though.

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  • How is this a "puzzle"? I recall The Mysthbusters doing a video on this concept using two phonebooks. They couldn't pull the books apart even with two pickup trucks.

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  • Why CGC? A Dulcimer is traditionally DAD which can easily be done on a Guitar.

    Look at this

    A Diatonically tuned instrument only has the whole notes; no sharps and no flats. Also the string tuning is very different so no. Guitar songs as written won't work at all. You need Dulcimer songs. The only problem is this instument is upside-down to a standard Dulcimer so you'd have to reverse all the chord patterns. Functionally this is a three-string Cigar Box Guitar/Stick Dulcimer/Strumstick so look for songs and tutorials for those instruments.

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  • *In Gunnery Sargent's Hartman's voice* BECAUSE THAT'S THE WAY WE DO THINGS, MAGGOT! NOW HIT THE DECK AND GIVE ME TWENTY! lol-------I don't think the idea is really to save space as much as to make a tight uniform package that survives being shaken and beaten around. Sure this looks like a lot of work but as already stated it creates a neat, tight, safe and visible way to pack things. I agree for a suitcase it may make more sense to fold but then again take that suitcase with folded clothing and a suitcase with rolled clothing, shake them, kick them. dump them out onto the bed at a hotel, grab it all and stuff it back in in a rush and you may see the benefit. I also suspect this way won't leave creases in the clothing as folding would.Only my opinion.

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