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  • GilM4 commented on jessyratfink's instructable Unusual uses for coconut oil3 years ago
    Unusual uses for coconut oil

    I think the claim is based on coconut oils high flash point. Very hot oil seals the food quickly and as a result no further oil is absorbed by the food. This will not happen unless you make sure that the oil is properly heated before you add the food. An easy way to gage how much oil is absorbed by food during cooking, if you need to count calories, is to measure the oil, either in a measuring jug or by placing the entire deep frying pan on a set of scales, before and after cooking. The difference between these two values is the amount of oil absorbed. Divide this number by the number of servings made and you have established how much oil has been absorbed into each serve.

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  • GilM4 commented on scoochmaroo's instructable Homemade Magic Shell Recipe3 years ago
    Homemade Magic Shell Recipe

    You could try butter. If vegans can use coconut oil freely as a butter substitute then it's worth considering the possibility that the opposite could be done for someone with a coconut allergy. I'd go with grass fed organic unsalted butter. I'm curious about this now. I think I'll try it out for myself. Just for the sake of science ;-)

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