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  • the question i need answered is the B+ and B- on the circuit boards.... as seen on the bigger circuit board there is a B+(SW) & B+ on the larger pcb that lead to the ignition , but on the smaller pcb there is no B+ although there is a B- , how come there is no B+ on the smaller pcb ???? hope this makes sense i have no problems with the motor controllers at all

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  • The circuit board pictures show that the ignition wires are from the B+( SW ) and B+ , the question i'm asking is the Smaller circuit board was the original type where the lights forward /Reverse switch , Light switch etc were in the actual body of the scooter where as the later circuit board has them in the actual circuit board , i'm just trying to find out why the smaller board does not have a B+ but it has a B- ?

    Hi thanks for your reply , my question is if the wiring from the loom start to finish is the same for both scooters the only difference being early model has the smaller pcb and the more modern one has the bigger pcb as the light switch, forward /reverse switch are attached to it , both have the 1203A control motor but that is not a problem my question is why would one board have a B+ on the circuit board and not the smaller one as it has a B- , i put some more pics on the pcb's there has to be a reason why both ignitions are wired through the circuit boards and yet there is no B+ on the smaller board ... Hope this makes sense Kind Regards and thanks in advance for your help in the first place Gordon

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