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  • Make Your Own Oscilloscope(Mini DSO) With STC MCU Easily

    While I appreciate your cautions about high voltages, I have been working with high voltage experiments for years. I am looking to make dedicated oscilliscopes to monitor multiple points in high voltage/extremely low current applications up to the 20kHz range. The high voltage is due to resonance in the circuits. I'm not actually expecting 50kV, more like up to 20kV to 30kV as a result of resonance applications.

    I would really like to be able to do this for positive and negative voltages up to 50kV... would it be possible to update this design to handle it?

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  • GregN52 made the instructable Fat Candle
    Fat Candle

    Use the inner stem and peel of half an orange (carefully peeled off so the stem remains attached inside and stands by itself). Pour bacon fat into the half orange peel leaving a 1/8" of the stem visible. Light it. It may take a little longer the first time, but it makes a fantastic all natural candle.

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