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  • Web Hosting Guide - How to Chose a Web Host

    If you buying hosting for your online business then you should maybe consider something more serious then regular shared hosting offers. Since you are going to open online shop my advice will be that you take some good dedicated hosting server. Search on the internet, there is some nice offers for dedicated hosting which I saw from HostJedi, HostGator, BlueHost and others..

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  • Web Hosting Guide - Value Web Hosting

    This topic about hosting value is very relative since everything depend on what do you really need and what you actually want to achieve with your future website. I tried couple of hosting services and so far HostJedi and HostGator were the best but maybe you can try out also and LiquidHost.

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  • Gregorid commented on Dascooby's instructable How to Host Your Own Wordpress Blog1 year ago
    How to Host Your Own Wordpress Blog

    Arturintheme, from my personal experience there is couple of very nice Hosting services which you can use. Maybe you should search for Hostgator, DreamHost and HostJedi since they all have some nice offers and they are pretty fast and stable.

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  • Use Notepad and Command Prompt For Java programming

    People actually not know, but Notepad can be used as a first help for many things and not just a simple text writing... For example I often use Notepad when I need to create list of all folders and files by names since I work with many files everyday. Here is one nice tutorial about that trick :

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