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  • Solder Electronic Components on Aluminum

    You have just opened up amazing possibilities.

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  • Long may your luck hold.

    I was, until I retired, a self-employed joinery manufacturer and must have sawn quite a few thousand feet of timber. All timber has a tendency to move during sawing, some much more than others. I therefore feel that I write from a position of some experience and in that position I would say that I would never use a 10" circular saw table without a riving knife. You may never have had any problems but that does not mean to say that you never will and it only takes one piece of timber to clamp onto the back of the blade and you could end up a much wiser person, hopefully without too much injury to yourself.I don't understand why the blade not being square to the table should cause any problems. I frequently tilted my blade to rip an angled piece.

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