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  • DIY Boost Converter || How to Step Up DC Voltage Efficiently

    BuffS1 I totall agree with what you said. I too go back to true core memory and remember building my first true core memory computer, so I can relate. I compliment anyone for submitting a project but please, please assume your audience knows nothing when you start explaining.

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  • H2Okee commented on PeterS296's instructable DIY Bullet Headphones2 years ago
    DIY Bullet Headphones

    LeonS5 you don't need bullets, just 2 spent cases. Bullets would be somewhat dangerous for you to use. Go to the nearest shooting range and ask, I'm sure someone will give you 2 of them. Maybe they will let you shoot 2 rounds and then give you the spent cases and you can say the ones you used for your project we actually shot in a gun by you. Cool!

    Congrats on the creativity, they look and I'm sure they are functional. Two thought for you as I am a reloaded of ammo, 1.) what you referred to as a cartridge sleeve is properly called a case, not a big deal as the pics help me understand what you are referring to, 2.) You could use what's called a debuting tool to smooth the edge of the case after its cut off, that's their purpose and they are very inexpensive at gun stores that sell reloading tools, if you don't have access to this tool your method works fine. I found your project creative and unique. ?

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