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  • Boom Box for the Workshop, Tailgating, Etc.

    Given that Version 2.0 will be use aluminum extensively, it should be quite lighter than the 3/4-ply. A lithium battery looks to be big bucks! Thanks for your suggestion though... I'll do more research and give it some thought.

    I like them too. They're stock on these Skull series speakers. I saw them and figured "Why Not?". Version 2.0 will have the type where the eyes light up with the music beat.

    All negative wires are home-runned to the negative side of the battery. The only hots from the battery are: 1) the yellow memory wire from the head unit; and, 2) the switched hot to the master control switch. The other always-hot wire connected at the master control switch is for the 12VDC power ports.

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