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  • HannahMadeIt commented on CarlS's instructable Quick PVC Banner Stand

    This may be the most versatile 'ible I've ever completed. I modified it slightly with two extra 52" pieces with clip-on T joints to brace it just under the banner (first image) and at the bottom when I use it outdoors. But it does so much more. All winter it has been my go-to frame for pillow forts--I use the three 52" pieces for the front, clip one end of the 7' pieces to the top bar, and rest the other end on the back of our couch. It's sturdy enough to use a heavy quilt as the roof. Today I took the feet and two 52" pieces to the park to hold up my archery target. (That's my husband's first round of arrows ever.) Who knew you could do all that with a handful of PVC? Thanks for a great project.

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