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  • Even without a PCB this is still very valuable to the C64 enthusiast. You can easily find naked boards with a few defective chips. With this and the chips, you have a functional good looking machine.Or you could get one of the two new boards that are manufactured currently. Have a look at for more on that. The point is not to encourage this kind of ahistorical barbarism. Of course it would be worse if it was thrown out, but that is not the point.These things are not made anymore. Never will be again either, at least not exactly like this. And a surprisingly large number of them have been lost. They are not yet very scarce but they could be soon, especially with inconsiderate behavior like this.

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  • Very bad and amoral idea!There is far from an infinite supply of good looking, working C64s out there and those that are not working should be brought back to life in one way or another, or stored securely for someone to do it in the future.Not, be raped like this.The keyboard on the 64 is not even that good and not very suited for anything other than C64 stuff.If you want good usable vintage looking keyboards, get an IBM buckling spring keyboard in good condition and use that with a converter.This is just barbarism.

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