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  • J Gazol commented on rhodylife's instructable DIY Raised Bed Planter2 years ago
    DIY Raised Bed Planter

    Hi,Greatinstructions, am just getting into home veg and herb growing, so this is quitenice. One question: do you have a version of this which uses wood from shippingpallets? got a few of them lying around, so would prefer to recycle theminstead of going for new wood. My main doubt is making the legs using thepallet wood. I live in the tropics so a raised platform is a must, as at groundlevel you simply cannot avoid leaf-cutter ants and other assorted pests withoutresorting to pesticides, which I don’t want to use. I have lost entire crops ofginger, spring onions and other assorted edibles to those pesky ants, so I planon putting barriers on the legs to keep them from climbing. I also have a badback, so a good height will certainly help!

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