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I love to make anything I can!


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  • Freestanding Bike Rack/Bookcase

    Haha, sorry to disappoint! Fortunately my dad has a shop I can use.

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  • Ultimate Road Trip Car Conversion (Honda Fit)

    Sorry I sold it a few years back. Half the fun is in making your own though!

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  • Yeah, I think if you used Baltic Birch and your compartments/divsions supported the top well, then 1/2" would be fine.

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  • Thanks! Apparently I didn't see a bunch of these comments a couple of years ago. Renovo bikes are beautiful. I actually stopped by the shop in Portland back in 2015 to look at the bikes for a bit.

    When I began I also did not have any experience with bicycle engineering. I would encourage you to do some research on bicycle dimensions. There are all kinds of theories about how each dimension effects the fit and ride of the bicycle. For a novice however, the best thing to do would be to reverse-engineer a bike that you know fits you. If you use the dimensions of a production bicycle, then your wooden one will work in a similar way (but will be way cooler and have a really smooth ride!)

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  • Walnut Wood (triathlon) Bicycle Frame

    Hello!That's great that you would like to design a bike. First, I would try to learn as much as you can about woodworking, do you have any experience with it? Or friends or family that are woodworkers? That's a good place to start. Secondly, you need to decide what you want your bike to be like. I wanted mine to be a triathlon bike, and I adjusted dimensions of a bicycle that I already had to start my design. Since you are 12, that is a harder decision since you will be growing. You could use the dimensions of a bike that fits you well now, or you could make a larger bike that you could grow into.

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  • JMYilla commented on jpyle1's instructable Honda Fit Camper

    Nice work! I like the idea of folding the front seats down during "sleep mode" and the hinged frame. The Fit is such a great car for this kind of thing (and everything except offroading)Very similar to the project we did in 2015:

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  • Hi! I think I understand the problem you are talking about. You need some new supports to undergird the "fold-out" section of the platform. If you look at Step 5 on my instructable, it shows how we made legs that slot into the bottom of the platform to support it. You are right that it is an important step! Good Luck!

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