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  • JackU3 commented on starshipminivan's instructable Faux Gemstones (Fantasy Bling)2 years ago
    Faux Gemstones (Fantasy Bling)

    I bought a bracelet with peridot cabachons in it. I was told the cabachons were "real peridot". After 6 months or so, I noticed the stones looked funny to the naked eye. Using a simple magnifying glass, I saw that it looked like part of the stone was "torn" on the bottom, with some areas the original green, and the other part looked much much paler. Two things. The bracelet was over $500 and I was assured the stones were real peridot. Secondly, I never take the bracelet off, so it "gets a shower" at least once a day. Any ideas as to what is happening? The store insists the gems (cabachons) are real (each is smaller than a pencil eraser in diameter) but have agreed to have the stones replaced, but will not explain why.

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