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  • JadeyP commented on JadeyP's forum topic Laser cutting an image?

    any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks

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  • JadeyP commented on JadeyP's forum topic Laser Cutting Help!

    ah brilliant! so i found a site that apparently vectors the image and it came out like this...would this do?

    ah right..i'm so new to this i'm just confused! I'm trying everything, thank you so mjuch for the repy! Much appreciated

    also thank you so much for the help! I'm really trying its just this is all so new, and we want to be able to use the clipart image shown with the inside, but obviously i only want the outside line and the two inside loops of the bow cut. It's so confusing haha!

    I basically want to take an image (This for example) Then engrave it, then cut around it, but the laser cutter tends to cut everything inside the image. Any ideas are welcome!

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