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  • JamieL3 commented on quixotiCfluX's instructable Genuine chainmaille from pop tabs2 years ago
    Genuine chainmaille from pop tabs

    1 empty 15oz can of spicy chile (or what ever can of what you like a lot) yields about a little over 500 tabs. So far I think this might be about enough for 1/3-3/5 of a chain mail shirt without sleeves.

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  • JamieL3 commented on blackslax's instructable How to read a vernier (caliper)3 years ago
    How to read a vernier (caliper)

    Because the American system of measurement sucks!

    Metric system is far simpler than Imperial system. You just move the decimal point forward or backwards to get you measurements. Add or take a zero. 30g=300mg, etc.

    .25=1/4=Quarter inch=6.2mm. Real easy to read.

    10mm=1cm2.5cm=25.4mm=1 InchJust some simple conversions for you all.

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