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  • Construct a Synthetic Neural Network

    Not that I'm especially enthusiastic about helping you with your Borg assimilation process, but you might make more willing converts if you focus more on using these synthetic neurons as a means of creating backups of minds rather than solely as a means of dissolving them into the collective.Individuals will be far more likely to participate in a collective if:a) You can guarantee them restoration to their individual selves after their service as a part of that collectiveb) You have sufficient resources for the collective to accomplish worthy goals, something that can be accomplished early on by providing a mind-backup service for everyone, at a reasonable fee.

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  • DIY tACS: Hardware for machine-human telepathy experiments

    Can you elaborate at all on what your collective would look like?The way you are describing it sounds largely like a Borg-esque melding of minds into one single collective mind (or if you prefer, Gaia / Galaxia from the Foundation series).That being the case I find the concept largely repugnant as I believe what makes humans most powerful and creative lies in our individuality and destroying that is a kind of mind-death, and I think most others will share that point of view.In what ways would your collective be similar to a Gaia/Borg entity? In what ways would it differ?

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