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  • JayS177 commented on oesti's instructable iOS 7, Fix apps stuck in "waiting" state2 years ago
    iOS 7, Fix apps stuck in "waiting" state

    Just Fixed Mine :) HoooooLalaaa But I didint use this yoru TRICK .... FOLLOW ME.1. DOWNLOAD WHATEVER APP on your PC or MAC. Itunes Store.2. Connect Your Iphone , Navigate to APPS on Itunes software. You will see "Update" , " Delete" or whatever There. If It says Update. Just do it from your Itunes Screen whiles you have your Iphone Connected. 3. Sync It after you update or delete ... Bla bla bla and it will do its majic on the Iphone. 4. App may Disappear from Iphone now and then Go back to Itunes and click REMOVE, there again. After that Just CLICK Install and APP will be freshly installed on your IPHONE.... Sooo Easy...You can Hit me Message me ill assist You.Email :

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