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Owner of Merlin's Apprentice Jewelry & Design Studio
  • Jenn_hammer commented on momoluv's instructable Wire Elf Ear Cuff

    Thank you for removing my photograph. I understand that copyright laws are not obvious to everyone, and I don't mind people using my creations to inspire their own versions. I do not, however, want my photographs used without my consent and ESPECIALLY without giving credit to the original artist. Trying to make a living as an artist is hard enough already, we don't need to steal from each other. Best of luck to you.

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  • Jenn_hammer made the instructable Wire Elf Ear Cuff
    Wire Elf Ear Cuff

    This is my photo of my design used without my permission. I have uploaded a different picture of the same ear cuff modeled by my daughter. I did not give permission for the use of the image. Remove it immediately.

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