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  • JeremyM commented on ambercollective's instructable How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance2 years ago
    How to Buy an Ex-Ambulance

    Interesting idea. Some ham operators volunteer to go to FEMA disaster areas with their "GO boxes" and provide communications to recovery efforts as the main setup of communications. Ham Field days would be more comfortable also with built in air conditioning. Something like this would be ideal for ARES, R.A.C.E.S. , MARS, CERT, FEMA, Field day, etc.. Convert some of the storage bays to hold batteries/generator for power supply attach a collapsible antenna mast, etc it would make a great mobile ham shack/communications unit with some re-configuring.

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  • JeremyM commented on rohanmenon's instructable Mini Water Distiller2 years ago
    Mini Water Distiller

    Instead of adding sand inside the copper before coiling it use salt it will do the same thing. That way you can simply run hot tap water through the coil once its done and the salt will dissolve and leave no trace; the salt wont be in the tube long enough to cause any corrosion. And it needs to be rinsed out anyway before using the coil to make distilled water otherwise your just adding impurities back to the water you just purified. And the salt (mixed with hot tap water) will help sanitize the inside of the tubing before using it to make distilled water.

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