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  • JerryY1 commented on aglepetsos01's instructable Homemade Pontoon Boat

    I don't know the boating laws of other states but in Ohio unless you are using a boat on private property it has to be registered and numbers posted, even if it doesn't have a motor, I've had boats from 10 feet up to 21 feet and had to register them all even canoes, be sure to check your state laws.

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  • I've often thought of doing this my only concern is it's on an outside wall, this would make it susceptible to moisture from rainy or cold snowy weather, not so much in the form of leaks but more in condensation due to heat and cold, they also make in the wall safes and long gun cabinets out of metal that are reasonable to buy but you would have to hang a picture or mirror over them, nice job though this just shows what you can do for a few bucks and a little ingenuity.

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  • This is interesting and good information to have but for the cost and hassle you can buy a small electric or gas water heater or you can buy an under the counter water heater that has no tank and then again they sell portable propane water heaters that start at just over $100, I've also looked into water heater attachments for wood burners that you can make, again good information to keep in mind for future use when needed

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