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  • Easy to build CNC Mill Stepper Motor and Driver circuits

    I know this is an old post, but Could/Would some one please correct ALL incorrect drawings of this PCB - and remove the short circuiting trace. Thank you

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  • Jimw1 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Restore old paper cutter2 years ago
    Restore old paper cutter

    Jimw1I have had BRAND NEW paper cutters direct from the store that would not cut paper. They had a BAD flaw. I repaired them by just removing the deck cutter bladeand shimming it with "Cereal box pasteboard"to where they were level with the deck.

    Jimw1I've had BRAND new paper cutters right from the store that would not cut as they should. I had to shim the deck cutter blade so that it was even the with deck. Then it worked as it should have.

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