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  • JindřichV commented on krmartin3's instructable DC Boost Converter2 years ago
    DC Boost Converter

    Sure, 2N2222 is a better option for Q2 because its current rating (600 mA) is more adequate for the 10 ohm resistor (current up to 400 mA) than 2N3904 (max Ic "only" 200 mA).

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  • Simplest Wireless Electricity Transmission Experiment

    I think there's no core because this is supposed to be a wireless charger-style experiment where the physical diameter of the loop should be relatively large (compared to a blocking oscillator used only as a blocking oscillator).So there are IMHO two reasons why core is absent:1) in such a large loop the inductance would be too high with a core (could be easily overcome by making the loop only 1 turn / 2 turns)2) you cannot easily find a piece of suitable ferrite material of rectangular or circle shape that big.

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