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  • JoeG124 commented on manicmonday's instructable Easiest Bed Bug Trap2 years ago
    Easiest Bed Bug Trap

    Agreed but most yeast is hardy enough to withstand the level of Chlorine/Chloramine that is in typical water supplies.I make a lot of wine also and have never dechlorinated the water through heat or any other means. It is very easy to kill your yeast with excess temperature and that can include water that just feels a little warm. Measure the temperature. You'd be surprised at how hot "a little warm" actually is.

    See my post above. Take a 1 week vacation and kill them off with prolonged high heat or extreme cold.

    They cannot survive prolonged heat or extreme cold. So, depending on where you live, it's climate and season, you can either kill them off with heat or cold. Do some research. If you do use extreme cold, make sure you drain your water pipes, water meter, if you have one, thoroughly or they will burst.

    Thanks you are the first person to clearly comment that you made this and it works.

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  • The Ultimate FM Transmitter  (Long Range Spybug)

    Is there a reason your questions get posted so many times ?

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