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  • John Sphar commented on KJMagnetics's instructable DIY Induction Stove8 months ago
    DIY Induction Stove

    If you have a coupe of extra grand:

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  • John Sphar commented on Penolopy Bulnick's instructable How to Decrystallize Honey1 year ago
    How to Decrystallize Honey

    I'm a beekeeper as well and I re-iterate my colleagues' mention of not heating honey over 140 degrees to prevent the destruction of beneficial enzymes and such. I have found a great way to deal with crystalized honey. Closed cars can become quite hot from the Sun. At 70 degrees on a sunny day, after a half hour, the temperature inside a car is 104 degrees. After an hour, it can reach 113 degrees. I have found this a great way to gently liquify crystalized honey. You do have to monitor the inside temperature, as you can go above 140 at higher outside air temperatures and in direct sunlight.

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  • John Sphar commented on scoochmaroo's instructable How to Carve a Turkey1 year ago
    How to Carve a Turkey

    Great instructable! Very well done. I learned to carve meats and poultry in the Boy Scouts Cooking Merit Badge. Brought back some nice memories!

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  • John Sphar commented on scoochmaroo's instructable 15 Unusual Uses for Cheap Vodka1 year ago
    15 Unusual Uses for Cheap Vodka

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  • Nucleus Colony -or- How to Start a Beehive

    Hi Jennifer: Great Instructible! I am a beekeeper in Northern California and one of the greatest resources I have found is our local beekeeper guilds or clubs. I belong to both the Santa Clara Valley Beekeepers Guild [ ] and in El Dorado County, the El Dorado Backyard Beekeepers [ ] and I have found a wealth of information and knowledge from there members. Both these groups and I am sure others offer new beekeeper classes and mentoring programs. Its a great way to jumpstart becoming a beekeeper!

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  • John Sphar commented on dragonator's instructable Solar System Orrery (3D printed)2 years ago
    Solar System Orrery (3D printed)

    I love your project! As a science teacher, this would be a great thing to build for my classroom. I do make a point to my student that an orrery only relates the relative positions, but not the distances between the planets. Paul Doherty of San Francisco's Exploritorium has a great "snacks on the relative sizes & distances between the planets of our solar system:

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