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  • JohnD164 commented on IJustLikeMakingThings's instructable Thor Mjolnir Rattle6 months ago
    Thor Mjolnir Rattle

    so you made a rock hard chunk of wood a baby passifier .. ehh what can go wrong.. oh ill tell you it smashes its face with it... seeing how babies skulls are soft.. great idea.... sorry just stating the obviouse..

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  • JohnD164 commented on appideas's instructable WiFi LED Light Strip Controller7 months ago
    WiFi LED Light Strip Controller

    i dont mean to be a negative nancy but this is kinda redundant... i mean it requires the same ammount of money in parts and far more labor to do this.. when you can buy short strips of the rgb with a controller with a remote for 20 bucks or so.. buy 3 of them and youve acomplished this... so why do all this makes no sense... alot of these projects are like this on this site where they overly compicate things when you can go buy a completed one on ebay for 5 bucks or something.....

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  • How to Make an Automatic 12V Battery Charger

    im sorry to say this but this is not a charger... all this is.. is a lab power supply that delievers constant current and voltage there is no chip on the output side that says cut off at 14.4 volts.... even if you place it at 14.4 volts and the battery tops off it will keep charging and charging and then blow up...this has no output protection what so ever so thats why he put a meter on it to see when it gets to the voltage it should be.. dont walk away from this or you will be very sorry

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  • Painting and Finishing EVA Foam and Worbla

    the girl is so pretty any chance shes single>?

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  • JohnD164 commented on dtrewren's instructable Ciclop 3D Scanner (BQ & Horus)1 year ago
    Ciclop 3D Scanner (BQ & Horus)

    anyone know the pinout of the laser and the stepper? what i mean is im trying to avoid buying this kit i have the whole stuff already i just need to know what pins the on the arduino the laser hooks into and what pins the stepper hook into please help me... thanksalso the lenth of the rods anyone know whats what like the lenth of the laser rod? and then the base?

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  • JohnD164 commented on velacreations's instructable Chispito Wind Generator3 years ago
    Chispito Wind Generator

    the thing with this is.. there is no rpm limiter.. so if a high wind comes well those blades break off and can kill someone.. thats why commercial units use a mechanical or electronic rpm hall sensor or some kind of rpm limiter... so i woulndt use pvc blades you can buy blades that are designed for this pvc likes to shater into razors

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  • JohnD164 commented on icecats's instructable Fire Power: Electricity from heat3 years ago
    Fire Power: Electricity from heat

    i dont know where this guy is getting 30 bucks from a peltier cooler is only 6 dollars or less on ebau.. and you dont need a battery holder some rare earth magnets for 1 dollar and some bolts and nuts on the end of the wire then just put on the magnet it will stick to the bolt and stick to the battery ends.. and wire thats lieing around the house.. and heat sink use a old laptop one etc it needs to be fairly big to disapate more heat than its getting or the peltier will be damaged..

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