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  • JohnM590 commented on Kiteman's instructable Build a Whisky Still3 years ago
    Build a Whisky Still

    pressure cooker is fine although to small. Where the pressure gauge is is going to be your tubing(copper) so it will not ever build pressure and blow up, steam/vapours will exit this 1/2"tubing.

    OMFG these are terrible recommendations. DO NOT USE A BRASS BED POST, DO NOT USE ANY BRASS, use copper or 304/316ss only. Do not use copper or anything from CHINA.

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  • JohnM590 commented on bricobart's instructable Perfectly Split Firewood3 years ago
    Perfectly Split Firewood

    Who cares how you spell it. You can be completely illiterate and still this is an excellent post. One thing I can not stand is spelling police. Guess what? NO ONE CARES. This is a awesome post for us that actually work with our hands.

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  • JohnM590 commented on HuggyBear's instructable Moonshine Filter3 years ago
    Moonshine Filter

    Please people, DO NOT USE AQUARIUM FILTERS.go to a home brew shop and buy the good stuff. Read anywhere else they say do not use this filters or the charcoal inside.

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