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  • Kind of curious. All the instructions I read and watch have the car on a flat surface. Seems to me it would make more sense to either have the front of the car on ramps or jack stands... Air rises through water, why not make the radiator cap the highest point? The top of the radiator should at least then be higher than the heater core, right?

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  • JohnR447 commented on Deeg's instructable Put a copper top on a table

    This would work well with other metals as well; zinc, stainless, (rusted steel might be interesting).. whatever. I don't have a brake, so when I wanted a stainless skirt to fit around the bottom of my over the range microwave (I wanted it to look like one of those custom range hoods), I had the local Air Conditioning shop cut out and bend the complex shape. It cost me about $50 in total. BTW, I just checked online. A 36" by 48" sheet 0.21" thick runs $149.82.

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