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  • Jollyriffic commented on jessyratfink's instructable How to Descale a Tea Kettle 2 years ago
    How to Descale a Tea Kettle

    I prefer citric acid. i've read a lot about this before, vinegar can actually eat at either all metal or specific metals. also if all of the deposits aren't removed you're left with a vinegar taste. This is more of an issue with coffee pots like a Keurig. Also vinegar eats away at rubber seals and tubing. That really wouldn't be an issue, but figure someone looking up "how to descale" might need to know this.

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  • Jollyriffic commented on The Science Brony's instructable 5 Simple Battery Hacks3 years ago
    5 Simple Battery Hacks

    that's how chemistry works. you can not put in the chemicals and just charge it up to 12v. for typical cells you'll have 1.2 - 1.5v due to the chemistry of the batteries. Lithium will be 3.0 or 3.7 volts.The only way to make higher voltage is to stack batteries in series (like a multiple battery flashlight). even car batteries are built in series.

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  • Improve the Flavor of Coffee Using This Method

    Vinegar will eat away at the rubber gaskets inside your machine. It's also pretty ineffective at removing buildup on the heating elements. What industrial coffee makers and other sites suggest is citric acid. you can find large granulated bags on amazon or other places pretty cheap. it's food grade, has no odor, and if you don't get it all cleaned out, it just taste like unsweetened lemonade. Also citric acid is much better at removing buildup of both water deposits and left over coffee. :D enjoy

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