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  • Joseanascimento followed mikolajs12 years ago
  • Make your own Motorized Camera Slider

    Very good design, I'm going for parties tried to compile on my Arduino Nano and has already made a error: 'class LiquidCrystal_I2C' has no member named 'init'I'm waiting for my sheld to proceed.What is happening? I made a separate test with my arduino and my display with I2C and worked well. Looking forward to see comment. tks

    LiquidCrystal_I2C has been updated, the program was compiled, as yet possess the encoder, it does not answer on lcd. Once you arrive, I will install and put the result.

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  • Joseanascimento commented on Electr0nicsGeek's instructable Laser Cut SphereBot3 years ago
    Laser Cut SphereBot

    Hello, Geek. What a cool your machine. I have also built my only I'm standing in the 27. I downloaded Inkscape and extension. Until then quiet. But the problems begin. My code gives error 'makeComInterface' was not declared in this scope and 'initHardware' was not declared in this scope; 'MoveOneStep' was not declared in this scope and 'makeComInterface' was not declared in this scope. After doing all this set up and what to do next? How to use the machine? just plug in the USB port the Arduino and everything will be working? I'm lost and directionless, please give me north. Grateful. José Antonio (Brazil)

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  • Joseanascimento commented on Nikus's instructable DIY Arduino controlled Egg-Bot3 years ago
    DIY Arduino controlled Egg-Bot

    Belo projeto. Estou fazendo a minha impressora de ovo, mais estou com dificuldades no funcionamento. Já baixei o Inkscape, a extensão do Egg Bot. Agora não consigo configurar e testar. Poderia inserir outro Instructable descrevendo a configuração e o funcionamento. Parabéns pelo trabalho, espero que me ajude.

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