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  • JosephG126 commented on jaylabrosse's instructable Gypsy Wagon2 years ago
    Gypsy Wagon

    Hello, I did a similar build off a ford pickupbed frame from a totaled pickup truck many years ago. I agree with the anotherposter Putting the door in the back makes the air flow while towing a nullconcern. You can also then make the deck larger and fold-up able and lockablewhile traveling. I also used a folding down bed as a seating area during theday and a bed at night as some tow-a-longs do presently. Put it long way in thewagon instead of across that way there is no need to elevate it. With the solarpanels idea, a battery and a New wave oven and say New wave PIC and a smallsink you should be really comfortable.

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