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  • Thanks for the info!Yeah, I was always checking on craigslist and ebay at the time. Didn't know about! Thanks for the tip!

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    If you're boat is 100% non-commercial, purely residential/pleasure, are there any coast guard restrictions about having a pilot's license?Cheers!

    Awesome project! I spent a couple of years decking. Mostly on the lower Mississippi, also various tributaries, canals, lakes, and especially all over the ICW between Florida and Texas. Mostly Louisiana and Texas. Seeing your project made me feel pretty nostalgic about it. At the time I really wanted to buy an old houseboat to live on and as a project for my off-time, but I never got around to it. Now I'm married and have kids and wouldn't want to go back to spending all of my time away from home, and the houseboat is not so practical, lol.Maybe one day if I ever retire I'll get to it. I highly recommend the Grateful Dead song Black Muddy River for listening to when you are steering, all alone, up in the wheelhouse late at night! Thanks for sharing!

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