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  • 2n3055 flyback transformer driver for beginners

    worked out great!!!started with old donated CRT. Harvested flyback and the diode off the circuit board inside. made the circuit exactly as you have it. will use to power ES motor i 3D printed at here in Plano, TX. Thanks!!!

    Here is a video of it, too

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  • JoshW44 commented on joehan's instructable Electrostatic Motor3 years ago
    Electrostatic Motor

    now i have question about my neon sign transformer - i use it for Jacobs ladder no problem, so i know it puts out the 12kV, but its AC - do i need to use HVDC (like your other example with the flyback transformer and the FET?)

    i downloaded the files and used Creator Pro to print. Turned out great i think - only things i saw were the electrode holders might need some beefing up and also, i used an 8d nail for the shaft (pointy end up) and drilled and tapped the top for a #4-40 screw.

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