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  • JustinM97 followed Murcom5 months ago
      • Truck Canopy / Topper
  • JustinM97 commented on Martian Taylor's instructable Make Your Own UFO Balloon-kite!1 year ago
    Make Your Own UFO Balloon-kite!

    Check local regulations. The author's " No regulations against balloons ! " statement is in error. At least for the USA.

    " 4) No regulations against balloons! "Actually, there are, several, in the US at least, and probably most places. Two primarily :No flight within 5 miles of an airport.No flight above 500 feet.And there are more and details of requirements. Look up FAA Kite Regulations (for USA). Similar restrictions probably exist elsewhere too. Besides which they are common sense, not that it's very common to see it used.

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  • Tune Up Your Table Saw With a 2x4

    Great points, thanks for the followup !

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  • JustinM97 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for Magnets1 year ago
    Unusual Uses for Magnets

    Carcinogenic, not radioactive, though neither of them will hurt you the way you suggest. I'm not going to advise on where they are and encourage disassembly. If you're curious look it up on the internet, the information is out there.

    Even more important be careful busting up an old microwave for the magnets. There are seriously bad carcinogenic chemicals inside. In fact, just don't.

    Hate to break it to you scoop1236 but... that's a myth and a huge scam. It does nothing. Specifically the so called magic magnetic "changing the water molecules" effects claimed are entirely bogus. The do not do the same thing detergent does. Any effect you imagine it is having is simply that, your imagination, or, it comes from the extra turbulence induced and added agitation that those extra bumps of the magnets on the side cause.

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  • JustinM97 commented on buck2217's instructable La-z-boy Reclaimed2 years ago
    La-z-boy Reclaimed

    This is brilliant ! What a great way to second life a recliner that's seen better days fabric wise. Can't wait to find one and do it. I'll probably have friends asking me to make them one.

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  • JustinM97 commented on Adam Gabbert's instructable Wooden Knuckle Dusters2 years ago
    Wooden Knuckle Dusters

    Not so crazy if you think about it. It comes down to intent, design, and purpose. A walking stick is legitimately not a weapon until and unless used as one and not concealable. Knuckle dusters are designed and intended only as a weapon, and a concealable one at that.

    You're welcome, almost hated to mention it but I'd have wanted it pointed out myself :-)

    Just a minor spelling error that's been bugging me ;-) It should be Tung oil of course, I'm sure you know, auto-correct probably "fixed" it for you lol.

    What negative comments ? What attacks ? And what does eBay have to do with this in any way ? So you can buy illegal weapons from eBay, and that somehow makes this... ? Better ?Look, I appreciate the craftsmanship as much as anyone, more perhaps than some because I dabble in woodworking BUT there's a reason for the big BOLD FACED TYPE WARNING at the top of the article. These are illegal in many places. Period. People are just pointing that out (albeit one would think unnecessarily so, until reading some of the other comments).

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  • JustinM97 commented on JohnPark's instructable How to Make a TSA Compliant Multitool3 years ago
    How to Make a TSA Compliant Multitool

    Sadly probably true.

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  • JustinM97 commented on Darthorso's instructable Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap3 years ago
    Plastic Bottle Mosquito Trap

    Ah, a mosquito netting funnel, now I get it, missed the intent originally. That sounds well reasoned out. Thanks for the followup elaboration, appreciate it !

    And there's a problem with the mosquitoes being killed instead of trapped ? ;-)Wouldn't mosquito netting keep the mosquitoes from getting into the trap ? What am I missing from your suggestions ?

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