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  • KJill commented on RegisHsu's instructable Cat Scratching Pad4 months ago
    Cat Scratching Pad

    My cat loves these scratch boxes. I like how you did the folding for the inside but even more keeping the sides of the box which will help keep the scratched off cardboard from going all over the floor around the box. Great idea and improvement over the store bought ones!

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  • KJill commented on Simon_Cloutier's instructable Rustic Wooden Chandelier4 months ago
    Rustic Wooden Chandelier

    Getting that random look of bulb height and style is much harder than people think. You did a great job creating an interpretation of your inspiration fixture that looks good in your home. Not being a big fan of the current exposed bulb look I am surprised at how much I really love this!

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  • KJill commented on Whitney Fabre's instructable Instant Pot Thanksgiving Side Dishes7 months ago
    Instant Pot Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    I highly recommend the pressure cooker for mashed potatoes! I haven't done them with skin on (I cook for too many traditionalists) though it looks good to me. Steaming the potatoes rather than boiling results in a much more flavorful potato and you are right, you don't need to add quite as much salt and butter to make them taste good. Plus, after cooking and mashing the instant pot works well to keep them warm. I haven't tried a turkey breast pressure cooked but yours looks nice. You get high marks for the whole presentation.

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  • KJill commented on Captain Charlotte's instructable Easy Twisted Potatoes7 months ago
    Easy Twisted Potatoes

    That looks very yummy! Nice clear directions, particularly for how to do the cutting - appreciate that.

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  • KJill commented on VespressoCooking's instructable Sweet Chili Jam2 years ago
    Sweet Chili Jam

    We love a version with some of the sweetness from fruit - usually peaches, the stuff is amazing for what we call adult peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (think Thai food).

    Not so much the peach part as the spice of the chili's goes better with peanut butter than you might think!

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  • KJill commented on evanandkatelyn's instructable DIY Cat Box Cabinet (IKEA Hack)2 years ago
    DIY Cat Box Cabinet (IKEA Hack)

    Have to say the weather stripping to help keep litter inside is brilliant. This is probably the nicest hidden cat box I have seen, both in terms of looks and functionality. Love the large door access to the litter box, the extra pathway out with mat to reduce tracking - obviously easy access for cleaning, so important in keeping down on that litter tracking. Add to that the drawer for kitty box scooping supplies and it really is a winner!

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  • KJill commented on Penolopy Bulnick's instructable Easy Microwave Caramels2 years ago
    Easy Microwave Caramels

    I like the microwave for candy making - haven't done caramels and I do love them so thanks for the recipe. Try lining your baking dish with waxed paper - two long strips - one going each way and you should be able to just lift the caramel out of the dish once it is cooled and cut right on the sheets of waxed paper. There are sweetened condensed soy and coconut milk products available that might sub for the diary version though the flavor will be somewhat different.

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  • KJill commented on licheness's instructable Hanging out the laundry - tips!2 years ago
    Hanging out the laundry - tips!

    Nice tip on the shirt collar, I didn't know that one. DH hangs pants by the top back only, says his mother taught him they dried faster but I think they pull out of shape too much and I always re-pin them. Also, does anyone hang their darker stuff inside out to prevent sun fade? I was told to do that some 40 years ago by a neighboring grandma but wonder if modern dyes mean that isn't necessary any more. I particularly love to use my grandmas old wood telescoping clothesline props when I hang large or heavy stuff, they can still be had in metal and plastic but those old well worn wood ones are special.

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