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  • KOJohnson commented on mxx's instructable Unclogging Rust-Oleum Nozzle1 year ago
    Unclogging Rust-Oleum Nozzle

    When prying out little parts that may fly away, cover the work with a sheet of kitchen-variety plastic wrap. You can still see what you're doing, but the wrap will catch the little part as it flies off.

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  • KOJohnson commented on colinselig's instructable Propane Tank Bench3 years ago
    Propane Tank Bench

    Yes, this one is really superb. Very clever perception on your part, and very beautifully achieved.

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  • KOJohnson commented on jessyratfink's instructable Easiest Ever Fudge Recipe3 years ago
    Easiest Ever Fudge Recipe

    Wynd has a great idea! Dried dark cherries in dark chocolate would be sublime. I'm trying it this weekend! Thanks!

    This is basically Mamie Eisenhower's recipe! Used it for generations. We also like to put in some really, really dark chocolate, even unsweetened chocolate--for adult fudge, as it can make the children hallucinate. You can put additives into just half or even a quarter of the pan, too, or just use a number of smaller pans, one for each additive. We use nuts, peppermint bits, orange peel, crushed raspberry candies, lots of things that go well with chocolate. And even with milk chocolate a little sugar helps. Never the same treat twice, but always so good! Good to see this classic posted here. I hope that everybody tries it! Oh, and as for refrigeration, we find that this fudge doesn't need a shelf life!

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