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  • Another dimension!!! Thanks for that tutorial!!A 3D printed version would be cool too. Maybe in stereo!

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  • Awesome stuff!! The only thing I would say needs refining. Would be the chest. Its too flat for a guy hero. Hes got a six pack and no chest.

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  • KeifD commented on khinds10's instructable Magic Mirror

    This is not a very universal project. I mean. Why do you need two tablets and a raspberry pi??? Maybe LCD + raspberry pi would be more of a project for most people.

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  • KeifD commented on joecooning's instructable Sergeant Calhoun

    Great stuff!! Lots of work put in there. Inspiring! I got some foam here I might just use for armor. ;)

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  • Incredible!! Would love to see the reaction on people's faces when they see that!! Too bad its only for one night a year.

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  • You failed to show the power supply. From the example you made it looks like it is powered by only the phone jack, which is wrong. Plus in your parts list it doesnt show anthing about power suppy. Missing important info!

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  • KeifD commented on watchmeflyy's instructable Layered Sculpture Lamps

    Maybe 3d print this one too!! Could get some "out of this world" shapes.Great work!//A word of caution with paper. Paper BURNS under heat from lights. In this tutorial it is using LED lights with low heat. Just be careful if using other lights with heat. (Not directed at the author, but rather the followers)//

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  • KeifD commented on TechKiwi's instructable Retro Pac-Man Clock

    Thats a great idea! But have it with the pellets and the pills too. So it stays true to the game.

    Cool. That would be awesome. Then have the fruit show 100 after he eats it for about 3 seconds. Plus when the pacman eats the ghost, the ghost's eyeballs follow around the maze back to the center in the game. Also when packman dies because of the ghost, he is facing up like a V and his mouth opens all the way like a wipe and then pops *That would be cool! Youtube should have footage of the real game, for you to study.

    The fruit reward is for points. It does not make the ghosts change blue! The white pills in the corner cause the ghosts to change blue. (Which you dont have) But awesome work!!!

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  • KeifD commented on NextFab's instructable Making a USB Game Controller

    I honestly dont understand. A person makes something that they can share with others. They show step by step. He made it first for himself, then was nice enough to upload code details and pictures. Then after all that hard work, people complain about how it was made and what tools it was made with.I usually look at it and think. "Do I have the things to make this." No? Get them or move on. Or the other option I think of is, can it be made with other materials I have available? Just be happy people take the time to share these! I personally bought a 3d printer so I can make cool things like this!!

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  • KeifD commented on jhawkins14's instructable Dark and Eerie Fish Tank

    Awesome work. I just wanted to suggest something that might help the "effect" a bit. Is to put a black box top, covering the stuff that sits out of the tank including the light. The main section looks fabulous, but when seen with bright light above, it distracts from its glory. So a black (removable) cover around the top might be best. Leave the very top open for air if needed.Great work!

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  • So what you have is not enough ABS in the solution. Your solution is too "thin". You want to add more abs so it besomes almost thick. Not quite "thick" but more dense. Play with it.You can also spread on more coats.I just never EVER had a problem with ABS not sticking after that. Only when the solution was thin. Also you want your heat bed hot the whole time. Maybe if your print is hours, then you can lower and the turn off the heat.

    Make ABS stick 100% of the time!For ABS, I used some scrap ABS and tossed them in a jar (with lid) and poured in Acitone. The acitone melts the ABS into a slury sauce which I then use a brush to dip and spread on the glass print bed. This makes the print stick 100% of the time! Looks like a mess on the bed, but works better than anything else.Its best to have a jar that fits the brush inside with lid closed. Be sure you can reach it after! Wood hand brush wont melt with acitone fumes inside jar.

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