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  • KolijahC commented on darbinorvar's instructable Super Bright Tunable Led Light Panels2 years ago
    Super Bright Tunable Led Light Panels

    I made something similar for my fishtank a couple years back. Only suggestion I can think of to add is that hardware stores carry black cord by the foot with several leads inside (i think mine had 10 or 12) that when properly grommeted to the fixture, makes a really slick and professional looking installation. Good work!

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  • KolijahC commented on watchmeflyy's instructable Disassembling Watches with 3 Tools2 years ago
    Disassembling Watches with 3 Tools

    Generally, automatic watches will have a weighted gear on one side that spins as you move it, winding the movement for you. Solar watches are considered automatic as well, but those are more modern. Just FYI, if you are willing to wait a month for shipping, you can get a full set of tools on ebay for less than ten bucks.

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