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  • KristopherR6 commented on natrinicle's instructable A/C Mister1 year ago
    A/C Mister

    Thanks. I do plan to remove and drain it for winter, as we do get freezing temperatures.Also, thanks for posting your instructable. It was really helpful to have the information. It gave me confidence to do the project. I wasn't sure about the 24VAC thermostat control circuit, but when I saw the low voltage wire bundle leaving my furnace and again entering my A/C unit, I knew I was in business. BTW, The nozzles used have 10-24 threads. I drilled them with a #26 bit (0.1470"), and then sprayed some isopropyl alcohol on the tap as a cutting lubricant. I chucked the tap in my hand drill; I just slowly tapped straight in and back out. (You do need to be careful to drill radially, and not at an angle. I discovered this on a related project!)

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  • KristopherR6 made the instructable A/C Mister1 year ago