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  • I loved it. I always wondered how to make the bowl. I have loved the thought of making these myself. I wondered if roughing it out with a router would be helpful, especially a plunge router set to various depths. Speaking of roughing, please look at Step 6: change spelling to rough. Not Rouge.

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  • Re: mice-- some must hate dryer sheets, some not. I have put them in my little convertible every winter since 2007, and no mice. But winter of 2015-2016 I put them in my outdoor grill and the mouse who kept building nests in there used them to create their nest! So nothing is foolproof. The article is great. Those warning that it contains nasty things are cautioned to not eat soap, laundry detergent, or dishwasher detergent, either. After all, I am sure much rinsing is involved after cleaning those pans. I do agree that sheets in the dryer are stinky and we skip them there. But we have a prickly oval rubber thing that bangs around in there, and it seems to work. PS: this past winter I just used the grill all winter, and I guess the mouse got tired of being evicted.

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  • KurtPH commented on drj113's instructable A Universal RFID Key

    Seriously? Please come up with one reference. I am a family doctor, and I have never heard of doing this. Chipping a pet, yes.

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