Mostly a programmer and random computer guy, but like to mess with hardware and other real life objects sometimes.

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  • LarrySDonald commented on LarrySDonald's instructable Mouse Trap Car

    Yes. The way it's geared here, the rear wheels will spin out and it'll go almost nowhere. If the floor has much better grip, it might work ok without them. It might also work if it was geared differently, such as having a narrower read axle, so that it doesn't deliver as much torque to the rear wheels and starts out more gently.

    I think I used them to clam around pen next to the eyelets so that the axels don't move side to side (relative to the mousetrap) and eventually make the wheels/balloon mounts bump into the mouse trap and come apart. I'm sure something else would work (washer, appropriately sized nut, etc), tabs from soda cans was the available shapeable piece of metal I grabbed at the time.

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  • LarrySDonald commented on LarrySDonald's instructable Mouse Trap car

    Virally anything really. Screws/wire or some bent metal perhaps. I'd probably stick to screwing whatever onto it rather than glue or tape - it gets yanked around quite a bit when it moves. Any wood screw works tho - find some broken thing and raid.

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  • Just took one apart, more to make a smaller closure (I wore it around my neck in a noisy area to hear the ring). The top was glued + snapped, but came off pretty easily, bottom (speaker end) was four pin in hole (broke one). The speaker is wedged between the closing and the "main" plastic part. Mic is in the button end closing part.Trying to figure out the ICs (and perhaps the circuit), the small ones are an amp and a 4Mbit SPI eeprom. I can't find the bluetooth module(/likely cpu) though. Great work - I bought it for the same reason but just now getting to it. It's only $5 now too, if they have any left (tons of $5 bt speakers around on clearance).

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