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  • Lburnhamw2 commented on jwbril's instructable How to Make a Human Tape Sculpture2 years ago
    How to Make a Human Tape Sculpture

    I have done these with high school students. We put a bandana on the model's head before the plastic wrap. Them there is no way the hair would be cut when the mold is cut away. We did not cover the mouth at all. The tape for the mouth area was added at assembly time. We completed the head in one sitting, the upper body in one sitting, and the legs in a third sitting. Use Kindergarten round-tip safety scissors to cut wrap/tape off so the model doesn't get poked with sharp tips. We drew marks with a fine point Sharpie every 6 inches or so that were perpendicular to the cutting line prior to cutting so the marks could be aligned for re-assembly.

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