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  • Bartop 2 Players - Laser Cut

    I have no idea where these maker workshops are. Or would I be right in thinking they're not here in the UK?

    Very neat job with brilliant in-depth explanations. I'm not a great fan of the Pi (prefer Arduinos) but I'd consider making this if I felt so inclined. Just what is it with all these Instructables with laser cut cases lately?!? First it was 3D Printed cases and parts which left me unable to do many Instructables so I finally got a 3D Printer. Now it's laser cutting!! No, I'm not getting a laser cutter! Can't afford one (not a decent one that would cut thru plywood anyway!) not do I have the room!

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  • Legsmaniac commented on samsungite's instructable RoboTray

    Wow. All that for a cuppa. If it was me, I'd be looking for a new wife! 🤣We have the exact same One Cup kettle, it lives on the kitchen work surface where a kettle would normally go. I imagine yours must be quite heavy lifting in and out the cupboard when refilling?

    Do it!! DO IT!!! LOL Love home automations and IoT. I have used several Arduinos around the home, all automating something or other, all governed by Home Assistant running on a server. Surprised you couldn't put the kettle away in a cupboard and keep the One Cup out instead.

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  • ESP8266 Weather Widget V2.0

    Sure thing.In TouchControllerWS.cpp starting at line 94 find....bool TouchControllerWS::isTouched(int16_t debounceMillis) { if (touchScreen->touched() && millis() - lastTouched > debounceMillis) { lastTouched = millis(); return true; } return false;}Change it to by adding three lines........bool TouchControllerWS::isTouched(int16_t debounceMillis) { if (touchScreen->touched() && millis() - lastTouched > debounceMillis) { lastTouched = millis(); while (touchScreen->touched()) { delay(10); } return true; } return false;}What happens now is when you touch and hold the screen, nothing seems to happen until you take your finger off then the next screen appears, and so on.Hope this helps.

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  • ESP8266 Weather Widget V2.0

    I have just made this excellent project, thank you for the detailed instructable.I am however finding the delay between screen displays a tad fast. Even the slightest touch seem to make the displays flash through 2 or even 3 screens. If there somewhere in the code to slow down the transition between screens on touch of the screen please?Thank you for your help.

    Never mind, I figured it out and added in a While loop so the screen changed only on finger lift. Thanks.

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  • Artificial Candle Ignited by Real Flame

    Nice design but alas it's not new. There's a few designs elsewhere on the Internet plus I have also seen these commercially available. In fact, I have a couple. They are also designed with a "real" flame shape at the top which looks better than a cylindrical one. More realistic. The commercial ones I have you can blow out (sound sensitive) and I have also seen designs where you can "extinguish" the flame with your fingertips, just like wetted fingers on a real flame. (Uses an LDR or PhotoTransistor) Something things to think about for your future steps. ;-) Another tip - print the candle main cylinder with "drips" for added extra real effect.

    The real flame shapes I've seen were not static, they were also flickering. This is what I meant. Perhaps you misunderstood? Of course, we're all free to design them how we want and that's the beauty of Instructables. :-)

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  • Threaded Nut and Bolt With Fusion 360

    Reduce the size of the bolt OR increase the size of the nut by 2% in your slicer, NOT in Fusion. It's easier.

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  • 3D-printed Newtonian Reflector Telescope

    Hi and thank you for your kind reply. I would certainly be VERY interested if the project is adapted to allow for smaller interlocking parts so I would very much look forward to this if and when you do update it. Being very new to 3D printing (only getting my first ever 3D printer on Xmas Day!) I have yet to investigate and learn programs like Fusion 360 so I very much doubt I'll be able to adapt the project myself any time soon, sadly. I only wish all other Instructable posters would consider smaller parts adaptations for those of us with smaller printers as a matter of routine. If you ever do adapt the project, please do let me know. And thank you so much.

    I would have loved to build this with new Crealty Ender 3 printer coming on Christmas Day but sadly it's 220mm sq. - 20mm short of requirement for this project. 😒I see too many projects here on Instructables that are too large for most general hobby printers. Such a shame. So sad.

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